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O2Micro® offers a broad line of Intelligent Lighting products that include LED solutions for general lighting and automotive/industrial applications. Our newest driver ICs simplify architecture and reduce costs of LED...
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O2Micro® provides an extensive product portfolio of LED drivers for backlighting supporting a wide variety of screen sizes. We provide solutions for the following consumer electronic categories: LCD and LED TVs, LCD and LED monitors, tablets, notebooks and ultrabooks, portable DVD (PDVD) players, Car TVs, GPS, digital photo frames, and PNDs (personal navigation devices). Our backlighting ICs reduce component count, costs and...
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Intelligent Battery products include O2Micro's Battery Management Unit (BMU), Analog Front End (AFE), battery gauge and adapter/charger, highly integrated mixed signal ICs designed with Cool Battery Technology®. This product family provides next generation, safe battery management for mobile applications such as smart phones, notebooks, tablets, power tools, electric bikes, electric vehicles, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, Energy...
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O2Micro's Intelligent Power product family of highly integrated, mixed signal ICs provide power management solutions for mobile applications, enabling longer battery life. The product line includes Battery Chargers, Chargers with Hybrid Power Boost technology, Battery Monitors and DC/DC converter controllers with patented Constant-Ripple-Current® technology. Each IC is designed to provide safe battery management.
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