Quality Policy

O2Micro has established, pursued, and implemented the following quality policy to promote and support the objectives of the quality system. O2Micro is committed to delivering power management solutions that achieve customer satisfaction through:

  • The design of high quality products that achieve the greatest levels of system compatibility
  • Delivering products on time, every time
  • Driving quality system improvement based on measured performance

Quality Mission: It is through continual improvement in our processes that we will achieve the goal of increasing customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding all customer requirements while making it easier for our customers to do business with us.

Environmental Policy

O2Micro is committed to the prevention of pollution and continual improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS). O2Micro will develop environmentally-safe technologies, including but not limited to:

  • Reduce power consumption worldwide by designing power-saving devices
  • Reduce the use of hazardous substances in product materials and manufacturing processes

We are committed to being a responsible and sustainable global organization that complies with applicable legal and other requirements worldwide. We will conduct all aspects of our business from design, procurement, and manufacturing to distribution by operating in a manner that promotes an Earth-friendly environment.

Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy [PDF, 163k]


Quality and Environmental Certifications


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